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15. Inhabitaton maybe near...?

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

In the 3 weeks since my last visit, the villa's renovation has been in full-swing. Here's a few photo selections (sent via whatsapp) from our Architect and construction team showcasing the progress inside:

19 August 2022

Most exciting, of course, is to see the kitchen coming together! With custom-made cabinets (that will be painted in an Indigo Blue), and the refrigerator already installed (right, hidden with the panels), this room has made the most progress in August.

Just a week ago, the cabinetry was being manufactured by CNC mill, which is shown below carving the "almofadas", or panel medallions:

The arrival of the appliances signaled that habitation is near! With a suite of kitchen appliances from Bosch and Siemens, and laundry from AEG, our German-centric machinery should aim to please:

Other progress includes repaired interior doors, air conditioning vents and equipment, wooden moldings and baseboards on the walls, and near-complete plaster-work:

Next steps: we are hopeful that within the next several weeks, we can fly over and start "moving-in" and setting up the interiors!! On the outside, there is clearly a bit to go still - swimming pool, landscaping, exterior carpentry, etc - until we reach the finish line.


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